Switzerland - Challenge League / 15.02.2016 21:46 Biel Bienne - Winterthur

Biel is one of weaker teams in the league, and they are in serious problems at the moment, Karlen(att 10/3), Popara(mf 14/0) and Brunner(mf 16/0) are all suspended. Also in winter Maniere(df 12/1), Ferrati(df 14/0), Pak(att 19/8) and Kololli(mf 19/10) all left club and all four were important players. Also there are few small injuries too, tomorrow more info about it.

Winterthur is imo better club here and with this absences now in hosts line up Winterthur should use it and take something from this trip

Считаю, что еще не поздно войти 

Ставка: Победа Гостей
Коэффициент входа на рынок: 2,6
Последний коэфф: 2,41
UDI: 7,88%
Прибыль: 59
Сумма входа на рынок: 750
Статус: Выигрыш 160

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Хороший рынок, жаль за пару часов до игры развернулся… а так 2,64 -> 2.22

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